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Radio Facts: 10 Essential Things to Save You Time, Money, Space and More


Some people believe in hoarding information and keeping it to themselves. I don’t believe in that. If I find something great I want to share it with others. To a fault at times but who cares. Here are 10 things that make my life SO much easier that can probably help you too. Click “NEXT” for Next Item Below the Post. Enjoy…


NeatConnect – WiFi Scanner for Receipts and Documents – $299 Retail 

Currently, on sale at Staples for $249.00 this is a MUST HAVE for the small business owner. Let’s face it, having a bunch of papers lying around is not necessary anymore. You can scan just about anything with this device. I know people who even use it for photos. It’s automatic and can scan your documents as well as receipts, which are accepted by the IRS if needed for an audit. Receipts go bad after about a year and they fade if you need to use a receipt for anything the purchase from the credit or debit card will not be sufficient for tax purposes. You have to have the receipt. So this is a lifesaver for the small business owner and for anyone else who doesn’t want paper clutter around the house.  I would recommend saving the complete scanned file to an external thumb drive as well as a cloud service along with your desktop. Trust me, you don’t want to lose this file with thousands of receipts in it ESPECIALLY if you throw the receipts away after scanning them.  More info here. 

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