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How Michael Baisden Kept his Brand Alive During a Three Year Radio Hiatus



Michael Baisden’s Return To Radio A Case Study In Branding Success

Written by J.Coveney

Dynamic multi-media personality Michael Baisden returns to urban radio in January 2017 after a three-year hiatus from the commercial airwaves. As previously reported, the new Michael Baisden Show will air from 3 to 7 p.m. on WRHD-HD2 The All New Fresh 97.9 Greenville, N.C., a newly launched R&B outlet that debuted in September. His return is welcome news for Baisden’s millions of fans who were caught by surprise when the show was abruptly canceled in March 2013 after a successful ten-year run. But to some, Baisden’s return to radio was the inevitable result of a consistent branding strategy.

Though the popular radio host Baisden found himself literally locked out of the Cumulus Broadcasting studio due to communication issues during his contract negotiation, he didn’t let that setback discourage or stop him. Where this professional fiasco would have sent others out of the spotlight for a while to reconsider their options, the media-savvy personality appeared not to miss a single step, continuing to meet his ongoing business and non-profit goals, maintain his public profile, and keep the national conversation around important social and cultural issues going strong.


So how did the outspoken author and motivational speaker burnish his brand in the wake of his show’s demise? Baisden simply continued doing him by carrying on the many activities that helped land him on the radio in the first place. By writing and promoting thought-provoking books, drawing attention to key social issues in the African American community, and leveraging the exposure of a variety of broadcast and social media platforms to share his various messages, Baisden stayed in the public eye and maintained relevancy.

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