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WPengine and StudioPress are the BEST

Who has the time to repeatedly look for the best web hosting?

I know that I don’t and I completely understand what it’s like to have a site all set up and get a spike in traffic then have your site crash. Right at the time when you could be converting a ton of viewers to your email list. A few years ago. I got the exclusive for one of my sites when a celebrity died. I literally think I was the FIRST one to report on her death and my site was hosted by a very popular hosting company. Needless to say, they didn’t live up to their promises and my site crashed giving other sites an opportunity to falsely claim that THEY were the source for the news. Of course it was tragic because someone died but this can also happen when you have news to share with your customers.

Link directly to discounted business plan

To that end, I’ve been with at least 5 hosting companies at this point and the one that is at the top of my list is WPengine. Hands down they have the BEST and most knowledgable customer service and they are right there if your site crashes or you need tech help for your blog, which I have found out is the MOST important aspect of hosting. WP stands for WordPress so they are experts in the are of the most popular format for blogs. I’ve been with WPEngine for 4 years now and I love it. I have had traffic spikes with no problem and even when my site has crashed without me knowing, they were on it by sending me an email to let me know they were either working on it or they had fixed it.

If you are serious about your business and your presentation I have two recommendations for you WPengine for your hosting and StudioPress for your amazing template.

StudioPress Theme of the Month – Business Pro Theme

Please let me know how it goes.

Entrepreneur Mistakes: Allowing people to Put Down Your Business

Allow people to downgrade your business?

Put down Your Business
Showing your teeth when someone attacks your business and what you do.

If someone insults or puts down your business. It’s should be as if they insulted one of your children. I lose it.

There are times that when people don’t get what they want from you and then act like kids in the playground, pissed because you won’t play with them. They downgrade your business and try to make you feel bad saying things like … ‘nobody’s interested in your business’ or you’re dated or you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. At that point, they see sharp teeth and hear growling (lol). I have worked TOO hard for what I have. Not having it.

That psychology is them putting you down because you didn’t give them what they want but at the end of the day, it’s pure jealousy and envy. Unfortunately, that kind of vitriol comes from so-called friends/associates and even family members. Once again don’t let anybody mess with the flow of your business.

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Entrepreneur Mistakes: Unimportant Interruptions, Really?

Do not allow anyone to throw your day off. Nothing like  unimportant interruptions

Unimportant Interruption

For some odd reason, many people think that entrepreneurs do nothing but sit around and twiddle our thumbs and wait for money to come in. I guess this is why we get unimportant interruptions during the day? They are really under the impression that because we do what we love we’re not working. And part of that is correct, we’re not working. But we’re always busy and we never sleep. A phone call from your mother (especially) or family member or anyone else calling with drama or wanting nothing at all in the middle of your busy workday can kill your entire rhythm. For the rest of the day. You are forced to answer the call because something could be wrong.

Make sure that you let everyone know that you are not to receive calls or text for eight hours. And SET your hours while you work 8 to 10 hours and that you will talk to them afterward but do not allow them to disrupt your day. I do not feel guilty about sending someone directly to voicemail if they break the rule. If it’s an emergency, text me or you can send them a text and asked him if everything’s OK … but constantly tell them you’re busy, you’re busy, you’re busy, you’re busy and eventually, it may take YEARS, they’ll get the message.

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Entrepreneur Mistakes: Wasting Money by Not “Paying” Attention

Stop Wasting Money by Ignoring your bank, credit card statements, and bills.

Wasting Money

You would be amazed at how much you are wasting money each month. Many mistakes can be on your bills and your credit card statements.  Medical bills are usually loaded with overcharges.  if you go see a doctor and they send you those bills for extra services that they claim the insurance company did not cover for $30 or $40 or even $400.00. Notice that they rarely send you an itemized bill WITH services on it. They will send you a list of numbers and codes. Most people simply pay it but I have a relative who does medical billing that hipped me to this years ago. It’s a trick. DEMAND a bill with services on it. They often use outside companies to do their billing who are told to use codes. Only insurance companies can understand these codes but MANY times you are being OVERBILLED. If the insurance company doesn’t cover it you are obligated to make up the difference and for hypochondriacs like me, that can get costly (lol). That money adds up.

Bank and Credit Cards?

Bank and credit card statement are also often loaded with errors. Credit card statements have charges on them for services you’re not even using. For example, you may subscribe to something and forget that you subscribed to it and you are repeatedly being billed month after month. I have an excellent suggestion for this, get the app “Clarity Money.” It keeps track of all your accounts including payments and subscriptions and even your stocks. The app allows you to cancel the subscriptions you are not using on it, which is very convenient. It’s free and secure with a password.

Finally, the good thing is that you can call many companies and request that they remove the subscription charges. They will usually take it off because they don’t want the credit card company to give them a bad ranking. If this happens they will not be able to charge other people who have the same credit card.

Did You Know that …

Did you know that if you overdraw your bank account they will return all the overdraft charges once a year? (most banks will, within a certain amount of weeks or months)  We waste SO much money then wonder why our earnings don’t match our bank account savings at the end of the year. You need to just take a few minutes to do research instead of buying apps and business products that may cost less or even be free.

I am a staunch advocate of price matching. If I buy office equipment, BEFORE I go up to the register I check it on Amazon Prime. I have saved hundreds if not thousands by doing this over the years. The added bonus to you is that is you get the discount AND can easily return it, if there is a problem, unlike Amazon where you have to mail it back.

The other day, I even got on my own case about coffee and spending $4.00 a day 6 days a week. That’s $24.00 a week, $96 a month and a whopping $1152.00 a year that I could be investing in stocks. This is money we never get back. I bought a coffee maker and started making my damn coffee at home.

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Entrepreneur Mistakes: Being Victim to Relentless Middlemen

Middlemen that bring up things that they did for you in the past


The worst kind of middlemen are people who will do business with you, or introduce you to a new client then hold you and your business hostage for a lifetime. They expect you to give them something free or at a steep discount for the tenure of your entire business. This is like doing business with a loan shark. You pay them back 20 times over. Whenever somebody does you a favor or something in business that helps your business send them a thank you card take them to lunch or do something to WRAP the situation that clearly indicates TIL NEXT TIME, but never allow the return of the favor to linger because you will NEVER stop paying the debt back.

There are definitely people who make you pay for life. As the old saying goes there is no such thing as a free lunch. In addition, while it’s great of them to introduce you to new purse strings (business), there is something to be said about them blocking YOU from meeting the purse. Don’t allow yourself to be used.

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Business Owners HUGE Mistakes: Bringing Someone to a Lunch Meeting


I wouldn’t say that being a business owner is hard work as much as I would say it can be challenging. As we all know, if you love what you do and you do what you love it’s never work. Nevertheless, there are certain things that can get in the way of your daily progress. Some of which can literally make you not want to work for the rest of the day. There are things that you should avoid when it affects your business. Here are some tips that I’ve learned over the years that can make your business run a lot smoother. 

blogwallet.com, entpreneur
Being Nosy

DON’T: Bring an assistant to a business meeting without telling the other party

I’ve had this happen on a couple of occasions and while others may not mind, I find it to be very rude and inconsiderate. It pisses me off. If you’re going to bring someone else to a lunch meeting or dinner meeting let the other business person now. They may want to discuss something with you that is private or personal.

In addition, it is disrespectful because the assistant is being treated as an equal party.  Information can later be used against you or the other person at the table. I did not request a meeting with your assistant, I requested a meeting with YOU. At LEAST give me the option to say no. It comes off as grandstanding and very diva-like to bring other people into a meeting unannounced. The next time that happens I’m walking out of the meeting. More tips coming this week.


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Today’s Inspirational Message from Blogwallet.com

“Mind Your Own Damn Business” Great Tips for Entrepreneurs

Mind Your Own Damn Business, Kevin RossMinding My Own Damn Business
Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that running a SUCCESSFUL business can be both rewarding and very challenging; you are literally married to your business. You may not have much of a personal life or balance because running a successful business can become an addiction but as time goes on, you will become more accustomed to what it takes to have a smooth operation, which includes being able to delegate and hire the right people, keep your sales intact and continuing to educate yourself in your industry so that you can grow. It’s a herculean task and not everyone can do it but I have noticed that those who are not fully committed don’t reap the rewards and they continue to struggle. Whom will you be? The one that struggles or the one that succeeds? It’s up to you. Your business can make, break, build you or even KILL if you if you are not careful. Buy now at Amazon 

What Does an Entrepreneur Do When You No Longer Love What You’re Doing?

entrepreneur, blogwallet.com, frustrated

Entrepreneurs Should not be Frustrated with their Business

As an Entrepreneur, the way you plan for your business is paramount especially the future of your business. As I’m sure you know, many unpredictable things can happen. Your industry may change, you make age out, or you will be tired of doing what you do. Sometimes everything can happen at the same time. And this is incredibly unfortunate especially when you could’ve moved on to do something else.

We all know that it takes quite some time to establish a business and a brand. But the benefit that we have leverage now. That means we can do what we did before … again. The trick is to tap into it. If you ask yourself ‘am I happy’ and the answer is no, it’s time to explore what you want to do, before it is determined for you. As we all know, if we want to be unhappy, we may as well get a job.

Waking up with Joy or Frustration?

Are you getting out of bed each day with anticipation looking forward to the new day? Or are you frustrated trying to ‘fake it’ another day? If you are faking it, it’s time to look at changing gears.

Being stuck is no fun. What do I mean by stuck? When you’re making a majority of your money from the business you no longer love is what I mean. A majority of your time is spent doing it and it’s difficult to find the energy to go after a new venture. Doing what you no longer love is zapping your energy to do so.

Using Your Leverage

Now the question becomes how can you leverage what you were doing and turn it into something else? This may mean that you have to pull out completely for a few days and look at everything from a distance. Another way is you may have to ask yourself questions and perhaps create a spreadsheet of what you can do with the skills you’ve acquired.

I heard a quote recently a TV show one day and a woman said: “it’s better to be done with your industry before the industry is done with you. I have seen people destroyed when the unexpected happens!” She makes a very good point. If you hate what you’re doing right now it’s going to get worse. Eventually, your audience or whoever you’re targeting will see it as well as your clients and the whole ship will eventually capsize either slowly or all at once but neither way is good ESPECIALLY when something can be done about it in advance.

What are some of the way that you can handle the situation so that you can move on?

I know it’s EXTREMELY hard to find good workers but its’ not impossible. You may want to bring in a manager, somebody who thinks exactly like you and can do what you do. Another suggestion, Would be to work on your business for a few days each week and mark off a couple calendar days of the month or week to work on your new projects in other words having someone to fill in for you for couple days during the week so that you can totally dedicate yourself to working on your new place or projects. I find this works best while you migrate from one business to another.

The benefit of this if a client or the target can survive a couple of days without you. They are not going to miss you if you just took a couple days off. Another option is to take more vacations perhaps twice a month getting away and establishing a greater perspective about your company. I always wondered what that adage meant “you can’t see the forest for the trees” and now I know. When you’re in the midst of something, you can’t see all that going on. You have to step out to get a better view.

When All Else Fails

Finally, you could try to sell. There’s no guarantee that this will work either but at least you can walk away (provided you are making a profit) with a successful venture and sale.

At the end of the day being an entrepreneur means you should love what you do. That’s why you work for yourself! If you don’t like what you do or it has just become boring or not fun anymore then you might as well just go get a job. Do some SOMETHING now or eventually, you’ll sit back and watch the weeks, months and eventually years go by where you could’ve invested in something else. You can get everything you once had back except wasted time. You have to do some serious soul-searching and ask yourself is it really worth it at the end of the day if it’s all taken away and you spent years doing what you didn’t want to do?

My best in the business Kevin Ross.

Podcast: Beware of the “Carrot Danglers” Land of the Broken Promises

Never get mad at someone else for not seeing your value. It’s not their job. But many of us waste time… not days not months but YEARS waiting for someone to recognize how great we are. it’s not their job… it’s ours.  Today’s millennial’s don’t wait, they … (listen to podcast below)

Download this episode (right click and save)

“Celebrating Women of Color in Media” Magazine Voting Open

Radio Facts is now accepting votes for the Women of Color in Media magazine that will hit the industry in mid-August. You can vote for the woman that you think should make the Top 15 here

Irv Gotti Announces New Partnership with 300 Entertainment


It was 1997 when Murder Inc., first burst onto the music scene and 20 years later they are still making headlines.  Murder Inc. founder and CEO Irv Gotti announced earlier this year via Instagram that he was reviving his label that was bogged down by legal woes during the height of its success in the early 2000s which ultimately led to its demise.  

This weekend he made another announcement that he and 300 Entertainment are now in business together “Me. Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles. Back at it again.  Everyone get ready for some dope music.” he posted on his Instagram.  

It is still unclear as to what the actual deal is but it most likely a distribution deal through 300 Entertainment.  The partnership has already signed two acts Boogiie Byrd and duo Fitted Circle. Gotti also has created and was Executive Producer of  ‘Tales: A New Hip Hop Anthology” series which will merge new and old school Hip Hop into visually stunning narratives premiering on June 27 at 10/9 on BET.  Boogiie Byrd and Fitted Circle will both provide original music for the series.  

4 Critical Lessons That Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs To Learn

American culture loves to celebrate the entrepreneurial breed – those daring men and women willing to take calculated risks to create new enterprises that will grab the nation’s imagination along with its pocketbooks.

Those who reach the pinnacle of entrepreneurial excellence – such as Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos – are viewed with a mixture of awe and envy.

But what separates those who experience wild success from those left picking up the pieces of a failed enterprise?

Part of it comes down to good old work ethic, says Bill Green, founder, and CEO of The Crestar Group of Companies and author of “ALL IN: 101 Real Life Business Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs” (www.bgreenauthor.com).

“If you don’t want to work harder than everyone and you don’t have your passion, you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur,” Green says.

But that’s far from the whole story, says Green, whose own route to success began in a flea market. There are plenty of other lessons that budding entrepreneurs need to learn. Just a few include:

• Become a tactical and strategic CEO. Tactical leadership is doing things right. Strategic leadership is doing the right things. “You probably are doing a lot of things right tactically to get your startup off the ground,” Green says. “But now it’s time to think about your long-term strategy.” The greatest CEOs are visionaries, always plotting their company’s next big move, he says. “If you see a way to improve your business, you’d better have the vision and the guts to pull the trigger,” Green says, “even if the naysayers say it can’t be done.
• Let your employees complete you. “Most of us can’t do it all or know everything, so it’s important to hire a team that can compensate for your shortcomings,” Green says. The best way to do that, he says, is to think like an NBA owner who builds a championship team by drafting a well-balanced roster of players whose abilities complement each other.
• Good customers complain, bad customers go away. No one enjoys hearing complaints, but those angry customers should be viewed as a gift, Green says. They care about your product or service and they want you to fix whatever problem they’re experiencing so they can continue to have that product or service. Many unhappy customers just walk away never to return, so you don’t know why you lost their business.
• The best deals are the ones you don’t make. There are good business deals out there, but there are many more bad deals, Green says. It’s important that any deal you make is the right one for your company, and not something you do just because making a new acquisition or introducing a new product is exciting. People will always try to seduce you with the “next great deal,” but stay focused on what’s best for your business. “Don’t let anyone influence you into making a deal you don’t want to make,” he says.

Ultimately, though, entrepreneurial success comes down to your own passion and tenacity.

“It doesn’t cost anything not to believe in something,” Green says. “It costs everything to believe in an idea so much that you’re willing to spend your life doing it and doing it until it becomes a reality. That’s guts. That’s passion. That’s the resolve you need to succeed.”

About Bill Green

Bill Green, founder, and CEO of The


Group of Companies is the author of “ALL IN: 101 Real Life Business Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs” (www.bgreenauthor.com). Crestar is comprised of private equity, specialty finance, and real estate businesses. Green is also the CEO of LendingOne, which was founded in 2014 and provides real estate bridge and rental loans to non-owner occupied real estate investment properties. Prior to forming Crestar, he was with Interline Brands, founding the company in 1977. For 25 years he led Interline as its CEO from a small retail outlet to one of the largest industrial distribution companies in the country. Today, Interline Brands is owned by The Home Depot.


Radio Facts: 10 Essential Things to Save You Time, Money, Space and More

Some people believe in hoarding information and keeping it to themselves. I don’t believe in that. If I find something great I want to share it with others. To a fault at times but who cares. Here are 10 things that make my life SO much easier that can probably help you too. Click “NEXT” for Next Item Below the Post. Enjoy…

Steve Harvey’s LIVING Ex Wife Mary, Suing him for Murder?

“I’m confrused man, I was confrused.” I just can’t figure out why Steve Harvey felt the need to divorce his (2nd wife) Mary. The mogul’s past is REALLY coming back to torment him or at least is seems that way. I’m not sure if he’s a target or if his past and current mistakes are just haunting him but he’s been through it over the past year. Along with his massive success Here is the list of Harvey’s massive challenges …

  • Angst over a visit to Trump followed by a huge backlash
  • Backlash from the Asian community over a “racist” TV segment
  • Fallout and separation with his business partner Rushion McDonald who is largely responsible for much of Steve’s success
  • Canceling the popular “Neighborhood Awards” as part of that fallout
  • Going to court to prevent a videographer from releasing tapes of him from years ago allegedly discriminating against white people.
  • The most recent harsh memo to former Chicago TV staff members
  • AND NOW…. his former wife Mary is back with a $60 Million lawsuit.

Harvey’s divorce with his ex-wife was wrapped or so it seemed in 2005. He has even had her locked up on at least one occasion after she disobeyed a gag order. Mary L. Harvey is claiming mental anguish and “soul” damage? What in the hell is that? Perhaps she can’t keep up with the beat anymore when her old school jam is played? At any rate, she wants $60 million from him stating his treatment towards her after the divorce has made her suicidal. In her own words, she exclaimed, “All was loss, Mary L Harvey was dead” (actual quote from TMZ… sorry for her lost). So she is including “Murder” in the list of civil charges against Steve (I hope that you are not laughing, this is not funny) The suit … (are you still laughing?… Let me wait until you are ready to finish reading this………………………………………………….) anyway………………………………………………. according to TMZ, the suit is rambling at times and was filed by Mary’s ‘Civil Rights Activist'(???) Yes, can you tell me where the Human Resources office is? I’d like to quit?  Does she mean Civil SUIT Activist? What in the hell is that? Is that a new job title? This is not looking good. Either Mary is really having some psychological challenges (along with her self-proclaimed Civil Rights Activist) OR dem streets is a callin’ and she’s BRILLIANT because she’s proving her point beyond the shadow of a debt, I mean doubt. I have always stated Mary was Steve’s “ride-or-die” chick and his current wife Marjorie is allegedly his “ride TILL you die” chick. (Marjorie looks like she will sue even if you are broke). Steve’s camp did not respond to TMZ as they are still trying to fix the memo debacle. We’ll keep you posted. Source TMZ  

Shawn “JAY Z” Carter Signs 10-Year Touring Contract With Live Nation

Deal Continues Long-Standing Partnership with Largest Producer of Live Music Concerts

(PRNewsfoto/Live Nation Entertainment)
 Today, Shawn “JAY Z” Carter and Live Nation announced an exclusive touring partnership. The agreement continues JAY Z’s longstanding partnership with the world’s leading live entertainment company. The deal includes worldwide touring, in which Live Nation will produce and promote JAY Z concert events.

“Live Nation and I entered unchartered territory in 2008. Over 9 years, we have traveled the world producing historic music experiences. Michael Rapino is an industry visionary, and this renewed partnership is a testament to our longstanding relationship and the talented individuals at Live Nation. For the next 10 years, we will continue redefining the live event landscape,” stated JAY Z. “JAY Z is one of the world’s preeminent touring artists,” added Michael Rapino, president and chief executive officer, Live Nation Entertainment. “This strengthens the creative and business partnership of someone that continues to expand his touring base and reach.”

LA Reid Exits Epic Records

Radio Facts has learned that LA Reid, one of the few remaining high ranking black executives in the music industry is out. We will give you more details as they come in. Reid has been responsible for the major successes of Meghan Taylor, Future, Pink and other artists.

Entrepreneur and Radio Icon Cathy Hughes Celebrates Lavish Birthday in Vegas (video)

We’d like to wish industry icon, Cathy Hughes, a belated happy birthday. Her party was in Vegas last month and we were just sent the video link by Al B Sure. (thanks, Al). Many happy returns… (video credit: Jodi Williams Blitz Media Productions)

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