UMG, Warner, Sony and RIAA Sue Mixtape Download Streaming Site “Spinrilla”



Major labels which include Universal, Warner and Sony have joined RIAA with a lawsuit against mixtape site and app Spinrilla. The suit is based on copyright infringement based on the site allowing users to stream copywritten material for free downloads. The popular site offers more than 21,000 downloads of copywritten material without authorized permission.

The labels have estimated that the Spinrilla Android app has been downloaded and installed close to 10 million times which puts it ahead of other apps in the Google Play store like Apple’s Music app, Amazon’s Music app, and the SiriusXM Radio app.

The service has also just partnered with AOL to optimize revenue which is mostly earned through advertising which is linked to the massive number or participants who get the music for free.  The service was founded by Dylan Copeland from Atlanta and is incorporated in the United States. The labels are hoping for an injunction to halt the site and yank the operation offline. 



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