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There’s Some Business You Just WON’T Get… How to Make it Work to Your Advantage


I was once told by a client… “Most people do business with you because they like you.” While that doesn’t say much about the product, what he said certainly does have merit. After all, there are also people who DON’T do business with you, sans a great product, because they DON’T like you. There are some people who are put in charge of a department and they use that job to get back at, let’s say, the black kids who teased them in high school or they have something against women because of their mother or being rejected by the love of their life OR they may be all about supporting people from their college fraternity…who knows.

Sometimes we have a tendency to prove the potential client’s theory about us wrong but we are not Licensed Clinical Therapists. For the most part, as business owners, we are in touch with our intuition and we know when someone is probably not going to support our business… unfortunately, we also like a challenge and this whole process can be such a waste of time and it drives our business esteem in a negative direction. The effect can be long lasting and it doesn’t have to be.

There have been times that I was was left scratching my head when I saw competitors with far less of an effective product getting advertising that I just could not seem to