Must See – The Alarming Numbers Behind Drug Addiction

An organization called has put together an alarming real-time counter that puts into perspective the costs of addiction to bring awareness to the current epidemic.  It measures how much is spent, how many lives are taken, and how many are arrested due to alcohol, addiction, and the war on drugs. Scroll through and learn what is happening every second.

By the time you finish reading this paragraph, over $80,000 has been poured into the war on drugs, over $95,000 has been spent on treating substance abuse, more than 400 new opiate prescriptions have been written and $190,000 has been spent buying illegal drugs. The United States is in middle of an epidemic. The following includes real-time counters to put into perspective the cost of substance abuse.


**That’s $114,191,379 per day**

Spent on The War on Drugs This Year

The “War on Drugs” has been roaring since the 1980s. Arrests have skyrocketed along with federal and state funds going toward the effort to eradicate drugs and crime. Despite being so expensive, there still remains a current opioid and heroin epidemic nationwide. Click “Next” above or below the post For More Stats

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